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What would you do if you were fired from your Job today?

Marco Arment ended the 108th and Final Episode of The Build and Analyze Podcast series with this inspirational quote:

So, If you are fired today, what would you do? What would you work on next? And, more importantly why aren’t you doing that now? 

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Marco Arment describes his latest iOS App called "The Magazine."


Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper has released a new iOS app called “The Magazine.”

The Magazine is for people who love technology, especially the internet, mobile, truly great personal computers, and related fields influenced by technology such as photography, publishing, music, and even coffee. Rather than telling readers everything that happens in technology, we deliver meaningful editorial and big-picture articles.

Interesting project from a man i greatly admire. The design and UI are just top draw.

Marco Arment has also posted an Update on his personal blog. 

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The Open API is a complete myth. The Open API for a centralized service cannot exist for very long. It won’t…it never ever will. Twitter was a fluke in that it lasted for as long as it did. But it’s over and it always had an expiration date on it.

Marco Arment

This Quote is paraphrased from Episode 94 of The Build and Analyze Podcast

Mark: 1 Hour, 29 Minutes & 13 seconds. 

Check out this fascinating interview featuring Marco Arment, my Role-model, former Lead Developer at Tumblr, Creator of Instapaper and The Co-host of 5by5's Build and Analyze Podcast talks to's Editor-In-Chief Joshua Topolsky. This clip is from the 6th iteration of The On The Verge Show