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“Ethan Beard, an early Android development executive told the author that “We knew that Apple was going to announce a phone. Everyone knew that. We just didn’t think it would be that good.” An unnamed Android engineer even went as far as to say their work on Android looked awful when compared to the iPhone: “What we had looked so … nineties.””

New book sheds more light on how Google blatantly ripped off iOS after seeing the Original iPhone

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The iPhone 5s Review - Anandtech »

The iPhone 5s is quite possibly the biggest S-update we’ve ever seen from Apple.

AnandTech has the most thorough review of the iPhone 5S. If you call yourself a geek/nerd then this one is for you. I particularly liked the section about A7 64-bit SOC, the M7 and the camera. Glad Apple gave Anand Shimpi early access to the device. 


The iPhone 5C Review - Anand Lal Shimpi / AnandTech

iOS 7 Review - Nick Heer / Pixel Envy 

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“In terms of install base, a computing category that did not exist six years ago has come to overtake one that has been around for 38 years.”

Horace Dediu on Intel and the decline of PC sales.

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Reveal brings the power of tools like Firebug and Web Inspector to iOS developers. See your application’s view hierarchy at runtime with advanced 2D and 3D visualisations. Debug view layout and rendering problems in seconds.

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