iPhone 5C: Everything You Need to Know

Cody Fink has a good, concise piece about iPhone 5C over at MacStories. 

P.S. 16 GB iPhone 5C costs US$549 off-contract. 

The Colors of Apple — VintageZen

Apple has been a company that has gone through numerous phases in terms of the colors of their products. Looking back, you can see the ebbs and flows of color in Apple products, from the Mac to the iPod to the iPhone.

Linus Edwards looks back at times when Apple has dabbled with different colours in its products and offers a perspective on what it might mean going forward.


Former Apple engineer recounts a Apple committee meeting that took the place the day before the first iPhone went on sale

I’ll never get sick of reading pieces like these. Fascinating stuff. 

“The only ones associated with Android who make any real money is Samsung and, ironically, Microsoft.”
— Prasad Naik (a.k.a. Krazyfrog) nails it.

On September 12, following hours of frantic armchair analysis of Apple’s announcements, the Internet once again devolved into a negative echo chamber of self-important dismissals and uninformed dissatisfaction. Tens, hundreds, and thousands of miles away from the only iPhone 5 units in the world, we busied our hands with masturbatory sentiments of boredom and unhappiness.

With the swathes of leaked images proven accurate, the rumor-mongering public suffered a collective gasp of accuracy. For the first time in years, our expectations had been set at precisely the correct point. Thus, rather than seeking to articulate what the iPhone 5 lacked, we instead vented our self-entitled boredom at the sight of one of the most thoughtfully engineered consumer electronics products of the past decade.

Matt Alexander

All the iPhone 5 critics i know in real life have never seen one in real life, let alone touching or using one. I find their “Sensible and Intelligent” proclamations and opinions amusing. 

NFC-Less iPhone 5 is so “Disappointing”

I remember the time when Apple hoped to sell 10 million units in the first year and they got laughed at by a bunch of moronic naysayers. 

P.S. Dan Frommer has a good take on the iPhone 5 sales numbers

iOS 6 Reviews, Tips, Resources and More

The reviews of the iPhone 5 are in and overall, the reviews are very postive. The reviewers are hailing the lightness and thinness of the device. They like the 4-inch form factor and they are corroborating Apple’s 2x performance/speed claims and the battery life claims. 

Check out this link bundle to read all my hand-picked reviews: iPhone 5 Reviews

Image Credit: Apple Inc. 

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Apple has Sold 2-million iPhone 5s in the first 24 hours, a new record for the Product. iPhone 5 is clearly “The Most Boring Smart-Phone” in the history of Consumer Technology. Apple is clearly doomed. Apple should just shut shop and give the money back to share holders.  

“It’s starting to sound like Apple’s acquisitions of P.A. Semi and Intrinsity weren’t just to glue off-the-shelf GPUs and CPUs together, paint an Audi’s name on top, and call it a day.”
Marco Arment commenting on Anand Tech’s Apple A6 Chip findings
“Surprise has no inherent relation to quality or popularity. I was more surprised by Samsung’s decision to give the Galaxy Note II a whopping 5.55″ screen than I was by anything Apple announced yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that Samsung made the right decision or that the Note II will do better than the iPhone 5.”
Harry McCracken

Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Round-up

All the the stories you need to know in one place. 

Image Credit: The Verge

My Live-Blog picks for Today’s Apple Event

Time: Sep 12, 2012 at 10:00 PDT / 22:30 IST /17:00 GMT (UTC). 

Location: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Loop:

Jim Dalrymple’s live-blogs are almost old-school, minimal and clutter free. His updates during the live-blogs are concise and to the point. Jim has more than 2-dacades experience of covering Apple and he has worked extremely hard over the past one year to make his site light-weight and fast. I’m a big fan of The Loop and Jim’s work. I highly recommend this live-blog. 


GDGT live-blog is powered by Rack-space. GDGT’s live-blogs have been extremely resilient during the past Apple events. Ryan Block is a seasoned professional when it comes to these things. You will read some intelligent commentary and you will get to see some great shots of the event in this live-blog. 

The Verge: 

It is “The Verge”. You’ll see a lot of pics from the event and you’ll get to read some smart commentary and they’ll throw in a couple of jokes as well. Bottom Line: You will be entertained. 


Guys, It is Macworld, Enough said. Jason Snell and Dan Moren are fantastic writers. They’re definitely not shy of throwing in a couple of funny comments in the live blog.

Image Source: GDGT

“It was Apple’s focus on product, rather than business that gave birth to the iPhone. Had the CFO tried to intervene with the numbers suggesting this wasn’t what was best for Apple’s business, he would have been right, but he probably would have been fired.”

MG Siegler on how Apple cannibalized its iPod Business by making the iPhone. 

Disruptive companies aren’t afraid of self-disruption.