INSPECTING OS X YOSEMITE’S ICONS (via Inspecting Yosemite’s Icons)

This is a really good critique. This was a fun read.

TIME have done a really good job with this one. Great stuff! 

“If Apple were turned over to an ace team of pundits, analysts & journalists to run, it would be bankrupt by the spring of next year.”

Harry McCracken. 

So true. If they knew how to run a company then they would be doing it. 

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Big day today for everyone who likes Apple. I’m super psyched ahead of today’s WWDC 2014 Keynote.

If your day is not dictated by Pacific daylight time (PDT) then this handy little chart will show you the exact time the keynote is scheduled to start in your timezone.

Apple will live-stream the keynote and you can watch it here

“I believe that if Apple stuck by the What Would Steve Do playbook, it would truly be doomed—by looking backward and second-guessing key decisions based on strategies that are increasingly out of date. Steve Jobs famously changed his mind all the time, but his posthumous wisdom doesn’t have that capability. Instead, Apple executives are making interesting and risky decisions—just as Steve Jobs once did.”

Jason Snell 

Quote excerpted from A tale of two Apples: Apple follows Steve’s lead by not following it.

A really smart take on the present day Apple in light of Beats acquisition.

A big thank you to @Applespotlight.

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The thing i like about this twitter is it is purely a labour of love at this point. The account has accrued 86k+ followers organically over the years through sheer and persistent excellence without resorting to buzzwordy tactics like growth-hacking.  

“Apple and Crate & Barrel stand out as excellent examples of how to design the perfect email. Google’s emails, on the other hand, lack consistency and seem rather haphazardly generated. Emails from Apple and Crate & Barrel are advantageously laid out, with beautiful imagery that’s logically arranged and information that’s easy to digest (if not concise). They’re not afraid to make us scroll; they don’t cram content above the fold.”

Drawing on interviews with more than fifty former Apple execs and insiders, this deeply revealing oral history shows how design evolved at Apple, the most creative enterprise of our time.

The full text of Design Crazy: A Oral history of Apple design is now available online for free thanks to Digg for a limited time.

Happy Brithday, Apple

Random fact of the day: Apple was formally started on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. 

You can read more such random facts in the archive.

Random fact of the day: Steve Jobs was posthumously awarded the Gammy in Feb, 2012 because of his “innovations such as the iPod and its counterpart, the online iTunes store, revolutionized the industry and how music was distributed and purchase.”

You can read more such random facts in the archive.

Random Fact of the Day: Before Jobs’ biological father (Abdulfattah “John” Jandali) knew he was the father of Steve Jobs, he managed a Mediterranean restaurant in Silicon Valley Jobs used to frequent.  When Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, first met her father as an adult (her father and mother had divorced in 1962 when she was just 5 years old and her father did not keep in touch) , he actually mentioned that he had once managed a restaurant frequented by such people as “Steve Jobs… yeah, he was a great tipper.” He didn’t know when he was saying this that Jobs was his son and at that point, Mona chose not to tell him.

Bonus Fact: Steve Jobs was born 59 years ago today on Feb. 24, 1955. 

“I can’t be arsed to go out there and defend Apple products, they speak and sell for themselves. If you think the world is fine enough in all other areas for there to be room for you to be all angry about Apple, then go ahead and be angry. It’s your spleen. Do what you like with it.”

This wonderful quote is from Mac at 30 piece by Stephen Fry. 

I pretty much live the same philosophy when it comes to talking about Apple. 

Here’s another one of favourite from the afore-mentioned piece:

Steve Jobs, whom I had the privilege of knowing, always said, and he meant it, that he had nothing but the hugest respect for Bill Gates’s business acumen, and nothing but the profoundest contempt for his taste.

“You know we’re constantly taking. We don’t make most of the food we eat, we don’t grow it, anyway. We wear clothes other people make, we speak a language other people developed, we use a mathematics other people evolved and spent their lives building. I mean we’re constantly taking things. It’s a wonderful ecstatic feeling to create something and put it into the pool of human experience and knowledge.”
Steve Jobs talking to Steven Levy.