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Ethan Beard, an early Android development executive told the author that “We knew that Apple was going to announce a phone. Everyone knew that. We just didn’t think it would be that good.” An unnamed Android engineer even went as far as to say their work on Android looked awful when compared to the iPhone: “What we had looked so … nineties.”
What would the Android Gruber write about? There are of course Android writers out there, but they mostly cover the latest greatest phone or compare feature sets. They never really put things into context with the overall philosophy of the platform like Gruber does with Apple, because there is no overall philosophy.
Linus Edwards on why the Android ecosystem lacks an astute observer and commentator like John Gruber.


In terms of install base, a computing category that did not exist six years ago has come to overtake one that has been around for 38 years.

Horace Dediu on Intel and the decline of PC sales.

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Google knew what it was doing when it made and marketed Android as an “open” system. It surely anticipated forks by handset makers as a manageable risk as long as Google kept advancing the system. But I wonder if it expected something like Facebook Home: an inside-out heist, made by a company after the same exact user data and advertisers Google is after.
Matt Drance


A phone using Google AND Facebook technology? A privacy dream come true!

Kontra responds to Facebook To Reveal “Home On Android” Sources Say Is A Modified OS On HTC At 4/4 Event story:

A year ago this month, Schmidt dropped two whoppers on us, saying that developers would ship first for Android and that most televisions would include Google TV by mid-2012. Much like the Mayan apocalypse, we’re still waiting for those to come to fruition.
The Macalope


The only ones associated with Android who make any real money is Samsung and, ironically, Microsoft.
Prasad Naik (a.k.a. Krazyfrog) nails it.


Google to Acer: Open isn’t really Open.

Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica on Why Google arm-twisted Acer:

In a statement sent to Ars tonight, Google said that Acer signed away its rights to make Android-like phones not blessed by Google when it joined the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium designed to promote Android and create “greater openness in the mobile ecosystem.” 

And MG Siegler Calls spade a spade:

Google is giving a whole new meaning to the word “Open”. 


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Androiders are also the ones that are constantly yelling that the patent system is broken because Apple is allowed to patent everything under the sun. Really now – then why is it that Samsung was the number two patent filer in the world in 2011 while Apple ranked thirty-ninth? Isn’t Samsung trying to protect their ideas like Apple is? Of course they are and that’s why I call the core die-hard Android fans the Tea Partiers of the tech industry. Facts just don’t seem to matter. It’s really all about senseless anger and wacky arguments: The louder, the better!
Jack Purcher of Patently Apple Nails it!

Here’s Why Samsung Should be Scared About Google’s Hardware Plans

Horace Dediu

Also noteworthy is that almost all the value from the Android ecosystem is concentrated in Samsung. I did not include Google in this analysis since its mobile is so small as to be not visible in its accounting. A separate analysis of Android economics shows that Google’s benefit from the platform is modest. In contrast, Samsung, and Samsung alone, is benefitting greatly. It could even be said that today Samsung is the only Android profit engine.

Samsung has the most to lose when Google decides to ditch the modular approach. It is not a matter of if Google plans to do hardware, it is just a question of when. That is one thing that would keep me awake at night if i was Samsung’s CEO. Samsung’s biggest worry is Google itself. 

Android fanboys will disagree with me but Google hasn’t shied away from making bold moves in the hardware space. Take Nexus 7 for example, It is basically sold at cost and it has essentially killed all the other Android tablets on the market. 

Contrasting Mobile Revenue Models of Apple And Google

Astute Horace Dediu puts things in perspective:

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