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The Principal of Invariant Light Speed



Is it possible that outside of our frame of reference, we are traveling at the speed of light, but we don’t sense it because everything else in our frame of reference (the observable universe) is also traveling at the speed of light?

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Great question! The Principal of Invariant Light Speed, one of Einstein’s postulates, states that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant no matter the frame of reference. Therefore, no matter the observer, the speed of light provides the same limitations on motion.

In short, probably not. It isn’t entirely impossible, but our current knowledge of the universe makes it highly improbable.

To read more about the Principle of Invariant Light Speed, please click here.

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Answered by Olivia D., Expert Leader

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Invariant light speed is such a counter-intuitive concept so misconceptions about the things related to the speed of light is quite common. But people who are much smarter than us can explain these concepts to us in plain language, thankfully.

Happy July 4

July 4 is not just a special day for the Americans, it is also a special day for Physics and for Science in general. The discovery of Higgs Boson was announced at CERN 2 years ago today.

So, happy Independence day to all those in the United States, and Happy Higgs Boson day to all the Physicists, Scientists, and Science students and enthusiasts around the world. 

P.S. I was looking through July 4 events list on Wikipedia and i realised that July has been a good day for science on more than one occasion.

In less than 100 seconds, Particle physicist John Dainton argues the importance of giving academics the freedom to explore their intellectual curiosities. 

Bottom line: Our modern world ceases to exist without a sound understanding of fundamental science. 

Explained: How does a soccer ball swerve? | MIT News Office

Another one of those great posts that combines sports and science. It is combination of technique, material science and some basic physics.

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without A Particle Accelerator - Issue 14: Mutation - Nautilus

Think Particle accelerators are just big, glorious (and expensive) toys for scientists? Think again. This piece is just seriously awesome.

Illustris first realistic universe simulation (by CfA Press)

Source: Astronomers Create First Realistic Virtual Universe

Quantum Switches Controlled By Single Photons

Humans are step closer to true Quantum Computing but this research can improve current technologies like Encryption and optical fibers as well.


Want to know which elementary particle best describes you? Well this interactive quiz will show you based on your input.

P.S. W plus, Z, and Gluons describe me the best according to this interactive.

Einstein's Lost Theory Discovered ... And It's Wrong : NPR

Even the supremely smart people like Einstein made mistakes. But the great thing about them is that they learn form them.

What Stephen Hawking Really Said About Black Holes (by SciShow)

There has been a lot misinformation and hype surrounding this subject so this video by Hank of Scishow explains the ‘real’ science behind recent reports.