Andri pol takes a look inside CERN’s swiss headquarters

‘inside CERN – european organization for nuclear research’, a book recently published by Lars Müller, includes a wide selection of photographs, taken by andri pol, which offer a unique insight into life at the company and a glimpse into the lives of the characters behind one of the world’s most scientifically complex institutions.

Click on the link to see further details, as well as a review of the book. 

Michael Tuts: 

It is possible that the millions of petabytes of data discarded from the LHC contain brand-new physics that we are ignoring.

A great piece on the LHC, Higgs Boson and why it is impractical for the scientists and engineers at CERN to keep all the data generated by the world’s largest particle accelerator and collider. 

How the Higgs Boson Was Found

Before the elusive particle could be discovered—a smashing success—it had to be imagined.

Physicist Brian Greene on the history of the Higgs Boson and why its discovery is so important for Science. A perfect Sunday read. 

Physicists at at CERN are 99.99% certain that they’ve discovered a Particle that is very similar to Higgs Boson (a.k.a. God Particle). As always, a new discovery brings with it a new set of unanswered questions. 

A representation of traces of a proton-proton collision in the search for the Higgs boson, released by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern). Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

P.S. I didn’t understand a thing that was said during the Announcement and that was when i truly realized the Quantum of my dumbness. Unlike Scientists at CERN, i can say with ‘100% certainty’ that i’m imbecile. :-)

Twitter today once again showed that it blows Google+ and Facebook out of the water when it comes to breaking news.

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