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On September 12, following hours of frantic armchair analysis of Apple’s announcements, the Internet once again devolved into a negative echo chamber of self-important dismissals and uninformed dissatisfaction. Tens, hundreds, and thousands of miles away from the only iPhone 5 units in the world, we busied our hands with masturbatory sentiments of boredom and unhappiness.

With the swathes of leaked images proven accurate, the rumor-mongering public suffered a collective gasp of accuracy. For the first time in years, our expectations had been set at precisely the correct point. Thus, rather than seeking to articulate what the iPhone 5 lacked, we instead vented our self-entitled boredom at the sight of one of the most thoughtfully engineered consumer electronics products of the past decade.

Matt Alexander

All the iPhone 5 critics i know in real life have never seen one in real life, let alone touching or using one. I find their “Sensible and Intelligent” proclamations and opinions amusing.