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On iPhone 5 being Boring Upgrade »

Harry C. Marks:

The iPhone is boring only to the rumor mongers who published every blurry picture of a motherboard they could get their hands on and the simps who think a feature checklist determines a gadget’s merit. 

….The worst thing to happen to the consumer electronics industry is the gadget blog, but you know what? People aren’t stupid:

Apple on Monday said its iPhone 5 was pre-order more than 2 million times in 24 hours when it became available on Friday.

Great Piece. 

I’ve nothing against people who pick an Android or a Windows Phone over an iPhone but The thing that really gets me is the way some people from that group behave and talk. They think they’re doing a huge service to the world by shunning the iPhone. But you know what, The Spin of the Earth does not depend on your “sacred” choice.


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