For Hubble’s 24th Birthday: A Stellar Nursery Being Destroyed By the Stars It Created

The image marking the 24th anniversary of the iconic space telescope is absoultely gorgeous and as always Phil Plait is the best at explaining the science behind these images. 

Fact file on US swimming legend Michael Phelps, who competes this week for the first time since the 2012 London Olympics.

Phelps’ return can only aid this great sport. 


Astronomers have revealed some exciting new constellations, specifically for city dwellers. Check ‘em out! 

Gemma Correll

Hahahaha! Constellations fit for the modern, hectic age. 

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Earth From Orbit - Happy Earth Day

Thank you NASA. I’m glad you’re up there looking out for all of us, whether its Cassini gazing back from Saturn at our pale blue dot, or the fleet of Earth-observing satellites that help us learn more about our one and only home.

Such a great video. I bet this will inspire a few kids to take up science as a career. 

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(via The European Space Agency photo project -

For almost two years, the Portuguese photographer Edgar Martins was allowed behind the scenes at the European Space Agency and its partner organisations around the world, from Russia to Spain to French Guiana. His exploration introduced him to everything from space simulators and testing machines to a living room designed for Mars. Many of the ideas he saw being developed at the frontiers of space science will eventually trickle down to the rest of us. Photographs from Martins’ project will be exhibited in London later this month, and a new book of his work will be published in May.

I like people who are at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. 

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Apple and Crate & Barrel stand out as excellent examples of how to design the perfect email. Google’s emails, on the other hand, lack consistency and seem rather haphazardly generated. Emails from Apple and Crate & Barrel are advantageously laid out, with beautiful imagery that’s logically arranged and information that’s easy to digest (if not concise). They’re not afraid to make us scroll; they don’t cram content above the fold.

10 stories to read this weekend - April 18, 2014

Did a lot of catching up in the last two days to put up this list. Hope you find this week’s picks interesting.

Have a great weekend!


Kurt Vonnegut's 1999 commencement address

Best thing i’ve read all day. 

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Cachoeira (by Rodrigo EBA!)

I’ve not seen anything like this before. Stop Motion vid made using water drops. Lovely!